The National Treasury Employees Union represents over 150,000 workers in 33 federal government agencies, making it the largest independent non-postal federal employees union. The union specializes in representation of non-supervisory federal employees in every classification and pay level in civilian agencies. NTEU has worked for over seven decades to expand the scope of federal employee protections, rights, and benefits.  NTEU is the gold standard for labor relations in the federal sector. Its negotiated labor agreements are second to none. 

After completing an exhaustive review process a CBPO from the NOG POE has now been reinstated to full active duty as of May 30th, 2024. This reinstatement stems from a UoF incident from over 5 years ago. Chapter President Santiago Valdez has stated "5 years is too long for any person to wait for an answer, much less when it concerns your livelihood. We jumped at the opportunity to assist the BUE only a month into my tenure." This shows the commitment and steadfast determination of Chapter 116 to uphold our promise of unwavering resolve while navigating the bureaucratic waters and facing challenges head-on in pursuit of fairness and due process.